International cooperation

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International work is one of the priority activities carried out in order to improve the competitiveness of the college in the market of education through the provision of educational activities’ quality at the college level requirements of the modern world.

College carries out international activities in several areas of cooperation

  • Establishment and development of direct links with foreign partners;
  • Organization of students`  practical training abroad;
  • Expanding the range and scope of educational services;
  • Activation exchange  processes among students and teachers;
  • Participation in lectures, seminars and meetings;
  • Participation in international professional conferences and seminars on various issues;
  • Development of international cooperation with foreign partner`s organizations;
  • Studying in modern techniques of education and their implementation;
  • Development of teaching materials;
  • Development and sharing of innovative teaching methods and education technology;
  • Cultural exchange of students and teachers.

Since 2009 college has been collaborating with the Heltech Helsinki.
In 2012, the signing of cooperation agreements with the Baltic International Academy and Riga Construction College occurred.

Under the agreement, students and teachers of the college conduct combined international conferences, training, round tables on the experience exchange and master classes. We participate in various international programs, projects and international professional competitions.
Administration and teachers of the college are well assured that international cooperation provides a strong impulse for the development and improvement of the entire curriculum that promotes a broad introduction to the educational process of innovative technologies that enables students and teachers to communicate directly with colleagues, to share experiences and gain new knowledge and skills.


1. Architecture — the area of activity which can perform work by students on the basics of architectural design, interior design , small architectural forms, urban design, etc.

Professional activities in the specialty “Architecture” College prepares architects.

The practice of students is carried out in the design bureaus, leading institutions of Moscow and creative workshops.

2. Landscape — Landscaping and construction — a graduate prepares for professional design work  tab, the arrangement of gardens and other landscaping objects for different purposes and use as a technician in the organizations of landscape construction of various legal forms.

Professional activities: industrial-technological, organizational, managerial, environmental, engineering.

3. Land and property relations — an area of activity that ensures accounting, inventory and valuation of land and property objects.

Professional activities:

  • accounting , inventory and evaluation activities;
  • realtor;
  • management-production;
  • economic;
  • operational and serving;
  • information-analytical real estate and property.

The objects of professional activity are: real estate; property requiring registration, evaluation or re-evaluation.

4. Installation and maintenance of equipment and supply systems — working in the gas supply system, where the leading enterprises of the gas industry, involved in the design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of gas networks, gas facilities, mini-gas power plants, gas boilers.

Professional activities:

  • basics of hydraulics and heating ;
  • electrical and electronics;
  • gas networks and installations;
  • diagnostics pipelines from polyethylene pipes;
  • automation and remote control gas supply systems;
  • gasifying boiler units;
  • natural and synthetic gases.

5. Installation and operation of internal plumbing devices, air conditioning and ventilation

  • basics of hydraulics, heat engineering and aerodynamics;
  • basics of ventilation;
  • heating and heat networks;
  • equipment and systems to create an indoor environment;
  • automatic adjustment;
  • internal water supply and sanitation.

Professional activities:

  • installation of sanitary equipment of buildings and structures;
  • by adjusting the systems of ventilation and air conditioning public and industrial buildings;
  • for the design and selection of equipment for heating, hot and cold water at treatment plants.

6. Information systems for urban planning — urban planning to conduct an assessment territory:

  • conduct an inventory and evaluation of real estate;
  • perform topographic surveys for the purposes of urban planning and urban cadaster;
  • keep records of  land, real estate and territorial zones, cadastral documentation;
  • calculate the estimated cost of certain types of work, the main technical and economic performance.

Professional activities:

  • industrial and technological:
  • Implementation of registration, accounting, real estate appraisal , assessment of urban planning areas;
  • preparation of topographic and geodetic and cartographic basis of urban planning and cadastral activities;
  • prepare information about the objects of engineering, transport and social infrastructure of the urban planning areas of town planning regulations territorial zones, monitoring of city-planning activities for the conduct of the urban cadastre;
  • database management urban cadastre;
  • organizational and management;
  • planning and organization of production activities , the selection of optimal solutions for planning work under unusual situations;
  • participation in the assessment of the economic efficiency of operations;
  • ensuring safety at the facility;
  • design and technology:
  • development of land surveying, cadastral division of territories stock zoning.

Prospective jobs:

  • cadastral chambers;
  • the bureau of maintenance (BTI);
  • department of geodesy and cartography;
  • departments of estimating.

7. Construction and operation of buildings and structures:

Trains specialists in the construction business, middle managers, the widest range. Our graduates works in all major construction companies in Moscow and Moscow Region in the design institutes, enterprises of the construction industry , in the sphere of economy , reconstruction, technical maintenance of buildings and structures, as well as create and operate successfully in the private construction companies.

Professional activities: building design, construction and operation of cottage and multi-story residential buildings, public and industrial buildings, reconstruction, modernization of production, production management.

International vocational workshops

International relations have a number of various directions. One of the fundamental and most ambitious – project related and competitive international activities.

International associations, enterprises and colleges in other countries arrange lots of various competitions. Many of them expect participants to create and protect their own or team work. This is an essential condition for the professional growth in various fields, as the very development of projects and students’ participation in international competitions gives the student an idea of ​​their future profession, motivates him to reach the new level of professional excellence.

Participation in international project activity not only develops students, but also teaches them, introduces to the ideas and innovations of other countries. International professional competitions - a separate stage in the formation of the future specialist. It is due to such events students can express themselves and develop their attitude towards learning their profession in other countries.




One of the largest providers of vocational education and training in Finland, which has about 15,000 students. College activities began in 2013, the merger of three former professional schools in the city, including the college Heltech Helsinki.

The College offers 56 professional training programs on the basis of secondary education and vocational training.




Baltic International Academy (BMA) - the largest educational institution in Latvia (founded in 1992), which enrolled 4,500 students, including more than 450 foreign students from 22 countries of Europe and the world that forms a multicultural environment at the academy. Lectures teach 200 full-time teachers, including 100 doctors and professors.



Riga Construction College is a state college of professional education. College prepares highly qualified professionals. Has a long history that begins in 1872 Today the total number of students and about 1,000 faculty members, more than 60 people. Development trend of college is going to open the Information Society, satisfying the requirements of quality assurance, as well as creating an enabling and competitive environment education.






We are open for cooperation with all organizations, both in Russia and worldwide.
Any new, interesting suggestions — welcome!

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